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OK... If you've never heard "Local Chaos", here are some samplings in REAL AUDIO :

October 29th, 2000 : Blackmaker
Jammin' Jack and Jaquilin interview Tony and Kris

September 10th, 2000 : JC's Final Chaos
"Suckmaster (Bye Bye Jeremy Bye Bye)" - The Carraways
JC's Final words on WONC w/ Simple Simon's "Our Lips are Sealed (Local Chaos)"

August 13, 2000 : Tony Oros from Egodog
Chaos Promo :60 seconds... I really like how I used clips from the show to produce this piece

August 6th, 2000
: JC Returns
Pico get's fired

Kastubh from LBC stops by

Mascot Contest

June 4th, 2000
: 10 minute sampling of Local Chaos
Features: Dovetail Joint, Smarmy Kitten, Infraction, Lucky Boys Confusion

May 14th, 2000 : Mother's Day... "SPWSM" Marple goes NUTS!
Niki reviews MADHoPs
Plain White T's vs. LBC moshpit
"SPWSM" Ryan Marple gives away his underwear

March 19th, 2000 : Lucky Boys Confusion
30 minute Retrospective on LBC
Features: interviews... live songs: Slow Down, Arizona Stand, Smooth Criminal,
City Lights, and I Wanna Hold Your Hand (w/ Showoff, The Dog & Everything, Plain White T's)

The Dog and Everything : Dance Hall Days cover from Local Chaos
in MP3

                                                        MORE TO COME!!!